Case Studies

Stories about how business customers use our service.


A 16 strong firm of Architects who are based in a rural Hertfordshire have tried numerous broadband products to solve their connectivity issues. This included leased lines and satellite broadband, none of which produced a service that was, not only fast enough for their business, but also cost efficient.

The broadband speed from their BT line was 1.2Mbps download and 0.93Mbps upload and with no plans to upgrade the BT line, this cutting edge company were left feeling cut off.

After contacting Access Broadband, we were able to install a system within one day that provided them with 12.41Mbps download speed and 17.42Mbps upload.

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Using the speed and convenience of 4G and 3G, Access Broadband can provide a monitored, superfast broadband connection – within a day.


A farmer in Hertfordshire contacted Access Broadband as he was at the tail end of a BT line. In fact he was at the furthest possible point he could be from the BT Exchange. During the day his download speed was 1.8 Mbps and his upload speed was 0.95Mbps. The speeds became even slower from school closing time as more and more people went online.

In addition to being a farm, he also rented the land as a wedding venue and ran a successful catering business. The only thing letting him down was the internet speeds. Numerous hours were wasted driving to a local coffee shop to carry out the most basic of online tasks.

However, once we installed our system (without any need to dig up his farmland) he was able to get a download speed of 13.5Mbps and an upload speed of 18.26Mbps. in addition, he was able to provide free Wi-Fi to wedding guests.

As he said, ‘this has transformed my business…and saved me a fortune in coffee!’

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Because we are an approved supplied of the Government’s Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme, you could qualify for free installation.